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Participate in December's Petition Signature Contest to Help Save Washington Pets!

Would you, your nonprofit, or your business like to help us gather petition signatures?  It’s easy!  Just download the Save Washington Pets Petition form here and gather signatures from residents of Washington State (18 years of age or older, please).

Mail or fax at least 10 signatures (a page has space for 10 signatures, printed names, and addresses) back to Save Washington Pets by December 31, 2010. (Instructions for returning the petitions are printed on the bottom of the petition form.)

We’ll acknowledge and thank everyone who sends in petition signatures, and mention the name of the business or nonprofit you represent, if applicable.  In addition, for everyone who submits at least 10 signatures by December 30, we will enter them in a drawing for a $50 PetSmart gift card (or other gift card/certificate from a pet product store you prefer--see drawing rules below).  This is a good way to let the supporters of Save Washington Pets know that you care about this issue.  We’ll post the results on our Save Washington Pets website and on Facebook (we have over 6,000 Facebook fans).  For the person or entity that sends in the most signatures, we’ll feature photos of a favorite pet on Facebook as well.

If you don’t get 10 signatures by December 30, don’t worry! You can send in what you have, or keep gathering signatures.  We’ll be collecting signatures into 2011.  However, the petition signature contest will end December 31, 2010.
Here are the November contest results! Thanks to everyone who submitted petition signatures!!! We will be announcing December contest results during the second week of January.
We have answers to a few questions below, and included the drawing rules. But if you have additional questions, just contact us at

Questions and Answers:

What is the petition for?  We’re gathering the names and addresses of people who want spay/neuter assistance legislation passed in Washington, and are willing to pay a small fee on pet food to help pay for that surgery.  A spay/neuter assistance program will help save tens of thousands of companion animals’ lives, and reduce the burdens and costs incurred by animal care and control agencies for handling homeless animals. 
What are we going to do with the signatures?  The petition forms will be used to help persuade legislators that their constituents WANT spay/neuter assistance legislation passed in the 2011 session.  We may contact the people who sign the petitions to ask them to directly contact their legislators.  We will not sell or trade anyone’s contact information, and will give that information only to the legislature as it appears on the petition forms.

Is this an official petition to put the spay/neuter bill on the ballot?  No.  This petition is not an official ballot petition. It is an informal petition being used to help persuade legislators to vote for the spay/neuter bill in the legislature. 

The petition form includes a line for signing up for the Save Washington Pets email newsletter.  Should I ask people to provide email addresses?  Yes, please encourage everyone who has an email address and would like to sign up for our email newsletter to provide that address.  We need to have contact information to help build grassroots support for the spay/neuter assistance bill. We will not sell or trade email addresses, and they will be only given to the state legislature as they appear on the petition forms.
What are the drawing rules? No purchase is required to enter the contest; the sponsor of the promotion is Save Washington Pets; entry procedures require submitting 10 petition signatures that have not been previously submitted, including legible printed name and address, on Save Washington Pets' petition form(s); to be eligible, the petition forms must be faxed no later than December 31, 2010 to 425-642-8125 or submitted by mail to Save Washington Pets, PO Box 176, North Bend, WA 98045 and postmarked by December 31, 2010; one prize consisting of a gift certificate to PetSmart (or other pet product store you prefer where gift cards/certificates are available) will be awarded through a drawing, with the prize valued at $50; odds of winning depend on the number of entries; offer valid for signatures gathered from Washington State residents only, age 18 years or older; winner will be chosen on January 7, 2011 and notified by email, telephone, or US mail; winner need not be present for the drawing; winner gives Save Washington Pets the right to publish the winner's name; winner is responsible for paying any applicable taxes, if due, to his or her state or federal government entity.